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Sales and Marketing Training Program – Why Don’t People Understand they Need You?

Are you just plain tired of being told “no” either through your marketing, or in your sales appointments? You keep trying to explain, persuade, and tell them what they need to know to “get it”; but it’s like you’re talking to a blank wall. Does your sales and marketing training program seem to be missing a link because it just isn’t getting you the results you want? Perhaps you aren’t getting what you want because you’re approaching things the wrong way.

You know that everyone listens to the radio station WIIFM, what’s in it for me. You also know that telling isn’t selling. Telling is a quick way to get prospects to disengage and lose the sale. When you try to persuade you run the risk of putting your prospect on the defensive. So what are you missing, what is keeping people from understanding they need you?

Unfortunately, it may be your understanding that’s missing. Whether it’s a marketing message or the message you provide in the sales appointment, your message has to be tuned into your prospects WIIFM station. That means before you prepare your message you need to understand your potential customers.

You see, most sales fail because you have a product or service and you’re trying to find someone to sell it to. You will exponentially increase your sales when you understand what your customers want, and you figure out how to give them what they want through what you have to offer, and then you give it to them the way they want it.

Understanding comes from listening to the right people for the right things. You need to build a relationship with your potential customers so they feel comfortable talking around you. They don’t worry when they see you that the conversation is going to turn into a sales pitch. Your number one job right now is doing your research until you’re absolutely sure you know the top three wants of your potential customers. When you know their top three wants you’re ready to begin preparing your marketing message that helps those potential customers understand that you have what they want. When you do that you have people entering your sales funnel who are ready to do business with you because they want what you have and they already know and like you.

Creating an Effective Online Sales and Marketing Plan

Internet hotel marketing has confirmed to be fairly beneficial to the success of luxury hotels these days at the era of complete connectivity and information. It has been turn out to be an important tool because now days there are millions of customers who are just a click away. As with any hotel online marketing strategy, facts and data are an essential key. In the case of online hotel sales and marketing, it is of extreme significance to observe what competitors are doing with the purpose of getting an experience of what hotel sales and marketing strategies are the latest and the exact amount to pay out on particular approaches.

The initiative of hotel online sales and marketing came into existence with the awareness of internet amongst hoteliers. More reservations can be done online, and this is the reason hoteliers started making websites for their hotels along with the online room booking system for more ease to the customers. This easy and simple way changed the established approach of rooms booking system and develops into a simple way of online hotel marketing.

SEO is also an important part of hotel online marketing plan. One can turn a website very easily accessible with the help of SEO. Customers can find easily the finely SEO finished website. Correct marketing plans and strategies are like road maps and what you can trust will boost the revenues of the hotel.

One more essential way of online hotel marketing is booming in hospitality sector is luxury hotels membership. One can either get individual membership or consortia membership. Offering luxury hotel membership and lucrative offers for the members is also a part of marketing strategy. One can apply for these memberships online only and they would frequently get lucrative discounts or attractive offers and this becomes the reason more and more people take the path of getting online membership and online booking. There are several networks available that provide luxury hotel membership which one can apply for to enjoy visiting several places. Once you avail the hotel membership, you start getting several profits that makes your trips and life better.

Training Your Sales and Marketing Team

British classical scholar, F.E. Adcock once said, “Battles are sometimes won by generals; wars are nearly always won by sergeants and privates”. It is also true that in your team, sales will be delivered mostly by your salespeople. It is therefore a must that you train them consistently.

In this article, I will be sharing some of my best practices when I do my Sales and Marketing Training so that you can effectively train your salespeople.

First of all, let me show you some points why you need to train your sales team (like you don’t know that already).

1. Refreshment – it is important that you refresh your team’s knowledge on your product, competition, target market, etc. Fresh ideas may come out when you have regular trainings.

2. Motivation – you don’t just push your team; you motivate them. Motivation is something that your team needs constant reminder of. Remind them of their passion and what makes them come alive. Keep them on fire.

Those are just my top reasons why your team needs training.

Now here are some guidelines that you can follow when training your sales and marketing team:

1. Know the present issues

It is very important that you, as a leader, is aware of what’s going on in the field and the challenges that your team is experiencing. It is so hard to have a passive leader who doesn’t even care what’s happening to his team. A constant communication is needed to be able to capture these issues. You need to be able to create topics to discuss around these issues.

2. Preparation

Now that you know the current issues and challenges your team is experiencing, you now need to prepare your topic. You need to put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself, “What is the best solution to these issues?” Tailor-fit your topic directly to the issue because that is what’s relevant to them and that is what they needed. You will never have a boring training as long as you give solutions to these challenges and issues.

3. Tools that you can use

a) Internet – use the internet to research solutions to your team’s issues. See how others are handling this. Take note and create a module that will give solutions.

b) Records – nothing beats statistics. You have to know your facts. Check the actual sales and files so that you know what you are talking about. Know what sells and what’s not. Know the objections your team encounters in the field and provide answers.

c) PowerPoint – people are more attentive when they see something visual. You must learn how to use this tool and learn how to create presentable PowerPoint presentations. You don’t need it to be flashy and fancy; all you need is to be able to use this tool to make a point. I will discuss in another article how to use PowerPoint effectively.

So there it is. I hope that helps. Among all these points I have told you, do not forget one thing… always have food for your team to enjoy.

Good luck with your sales and marketing training!

Let me know if you found this very helpful.