Sales and Marketing Strategy

Anyone who goes into business whether online or off needs to have a mission, with clear cut objectives and then a strategy, which becomes the road map to get from where they are to where they are going. Hopefully, that is to a sale.

A mission is important because it defines why you are in business. It provides the passion necessary to pursue your objectives. Objectives give you a clear focus and direction to where you are headed. As the old saying goes if you do not know where you are going, chances are you will not get there.

Nothing is going to happen however until you have developed a Sales and Marketing Strategy which will be your roadmap to success. A Sales and Marketing Strategy is necessary to lay out what must be done to get the sale. Once you have the strategic plan, you then have to work the plan and that is when the work starts.

Let us look at what is involved in putting together a Sales and Marketing Strategy for an online business. And here I am going to be talking about achieving success without a huge investment but just grinding it out with good hard and mostly smart work.

The first thing you need to do is market research. You need to find out what people are buying. The answer to this question can usually be found in the keywords that people search in the various search engines. This information is readily available on Google. Along with this information, you have ClickBank, Commission Junction, Linkshare, and Amazon to name a few that will tell you how much of what products are being sold by various affiliate programs.

Now after doing this homework, you can decide which affiliate program you will represent based on your knowledge and liking of what you are going to sell. Your knowledge will give you credibility, and your liking of a product will transmit enthusiasm which is contagious and necessary for a sale to be consummated.

Now it is time to become an affiliate and have a product that you believe in and people are buying. Sounds’ promising, however, nothing is going to happen until something moves. In order to move the product, we need to communicate to the world in this case, since we have an online business that we have what people are searching for and want.

Now here is where commitment comes into play. We can communicate either with paid advertisement or free article marketing. The real fact is that although article marketing is free it is going to cost you in time and energy because you are going to need to write lots of articles in order to dominate the niche that you choose to sell in.

Of course, if you go the paid advertisement route it will still require a lot of commitment along with patience and determination until you finally start making sales. I prefer to go the Article Marketing route during the test period. After I start making sales I can either pay someone to write articles for me or go with paid advertising at that point.

Good Luck.

Lead, Sales, and Marketing Tracking

Tracking among salespeople has sometimes been given a bad rap. It really does not have to be that way! Remember, the main purpose in tracking lead, sales and marketing is to increase business revenues. In order to do that, you need to be able to help boost the sales of your salespeople, and in so doing the individual salesperson’s revenues will be boosted as well. This is a win-win situation for any business!

In tracking sales, here is one of seven numbers any salesperson or sales manager or business owner should know:

Individual salesperson closing or conversion ratio per lead source. This includes all paid and non-pain advertising, whether it be a referral, previous customer, television ad, radio ad, internet ad, newspaper, trade show or any other advertising. Your system should allow you an easy way to see where every lead came from, the leads that were closed by lead source, and the number of leads closed cumulative of all the lead sources.

You may wonder why per lead source? Many reasons, but one of the main reasons is so that you can see who is closing what. Everyone has strong and weak points, and when you start tracking the history of closes by lead source, you will definitely see that some salespeople close certain sources better than others.

For example, one company has a man who absolutely loves any lead from a certain radio station. In his mind, anyone who listens to that particular station thinks like him. In his mind, he has already made a connection with the caller. Connections start to build relationships, and relationships sell. He is well on the way to forming that connection.

On the same token, there is someone else who never listens to that station, does not necessarily agree with the hosts of that station and probably would not have that natural beginning connection with those people. He does not get those leads because history has shown he does not or cannot sell them! On the other hand, he is very good at networking events. He likes to talk with people at shows and rotary clubs. He is more the mingler-type person.

And then there is someone else who loves the calls from a certain magazine whose demographics are the people with incredible amounts of money. In fact, the more money they have, the more he enjoys selling to them. The man who is very successful in radio ads is very intimidated by the people with big money, and just has not been able to sell to them yet.

Why not assign leads to your salesperson’s strong points? If you want all your salespeople to be able to close effectively on a certain lead source, look at who is selling it already and see what he/she is doing. Use this information in your sales training. When you see weak points among any of them or all of them, adjust your training. If no one from your company ever sells leads from a certain lead source, then you need to examine whether or not that advertising works for you. If not, cut that advertising and put the money to advertising that works! If you are expecting a certain number of sales from self-generated leads and referrals, your system should show you that, too.

When you have all these lead sources laid out nicely and each representative’s leads and closes next to it, then you are able to quickly see how they compare with each other, industry standards, and your own standards. Once you see that, you are able to assign and train (and even, at times, let go) based on those standards.

One thing is certain, though, and that is that you cannot know where you are unless you have it tracked and laid out. Until you have that, you cannot even plan to grow your business.

It has been said, and we always say again, “Winners Know Their Numbers”.

Watch for Part 2 coming.

How a Sales and Marketing Strategy Can Save Your Online Business

Learning to make money online can be a arduous and time consuming task. This is no surprise, building a business from the ground up whether online or off requires knowledge, planing and time. Yet so often once a business is set up do people forget about the vital aspect of getting customers to their business and to buy their products.

Within Internet marketing there are hundreds of techniques that need to be followed on a weekly if not daily basis. A lot of these are basic maintenance of your website, or customer base. The marketing side does in a lot of cases seems to have been implemented as a after thought. This can be a business killing move.

Any business need a clear and focused sales and marketing strategy. From the moment someone arrives at your website you need to know what they are doing, where they are going and why they are doing this. Only with this information can you modify your sales pages according to customer trends.

But how to get people to your business in the first place? Targeted traffic is a term thrown around the internet but few truly understand its potential power. For this to work you must have a clear understanding of your target audience and design your web pages around this. This will make your website more appealing to your customers and help to increase your sales.

Every aspect of your website and traffic generation techniques need to be based on the customer and their requirements. Your backlinks need to target the keyword phrases that your audience will be looking for. You will need to think like a customer looking for your product,l then you will be able to find a usable and effective keyword which you can then relate back into your websites text.

Only with a sales and marketing strategy can any business make money, grow effectively and build real customer relations. Its only a shame that this is a often forgot skill when people are learning to make money online.